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Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward

Directed by David Goddard

An Improbable Farce

Season: 24th October - 5th December 1992

For over 60 years Sir Noel Coward was a significant figure in the world of the theatre. As playwright, revue writer, lyricist, composer, actor and director he left an indelible mark on the international mark on the international scene.

The man who shaped the '20s and '30s was known to everyone in the industry simply as "The Master". He was the author of some of the best plays of the past 60 years - Hay Fever (1924), Bitter Sweet (1929), Private Lives (1930), Tonight at 8.30 (1936), Blithe Spirit (1941), Brief Encounter (1944).

During World War II Noel Coward was determined to make a lasting contribution to the war effort. His attempts to get an official job were unsuccessful so he turned to his own field of entertainment, which Winston Churchill had so strongly advised in the first place. Blithe Spirit was the result of that determination. Written in just five days, the play made the nation laugh and it has made nations laugh ever since.

Cast: Susan Bursill, Sally Lightfoot, Paul Pijnappel, Peter Ryan, Del Dines, Sandra Bass, Jenni Delaney