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Dinkum Assorted

by Linda Aronson

Directed by Nanette Frew

Season: 12th June - 24th July 1993

Australian playwright Linda Aronson, has set her play in the tiny country town of Warrabadanga. It is Wartime - 1942.

Dinkum Assorted is a brassy, zany and moving mixture of comedy, drama, dance and music concerning fifteen women who work in the Dinkum Biscuits factory. The War has brought dramatic changes and Dinkum Assorted tells us how the women cope with their lives, with death, romance and betrayal. The keynote of the play is CELEBRATION - CELEBRATION both of women and of popular theatre and its audience.

Cast: Betty Milliss, Helen Miller, Susan Carveth, Mary Ann Chadbrook, Lucy Miller, Sally Graham, Tiffany Duane, Gail Knight, Leoni Ryan, Deirdre Lee, Noela Steel, Katherine Bell, Gillian Shergold, Dorothy Tooker, Lynn Trainor