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Busman's Honeymoon

by Dorothy L. Sayers & Muriel St Clare Byrne

Directed by David Goddard

Season: 7th August - 28th August 1993

The author's note that preceeds the text of this play states that "Busman's Holiday is an attempt to express in dramatic terms the essential formula that distinguishes the true Detective Problem from the Thriller on the one hand and the Psychological Crime-story on the other. That formula is the Fair-play rule: that every clue must be shown at the same time to the public and to the detective, so that both have an equal chance to solve the problem."

In Dorothy L. Sayers' centenary year, it has been a considerable joy to bring one of her celebrated mysteries to life, and to fatten all the red herrings that abound along with the myriad clues.

Cast: Frank Bradley, Mark Fitzpatrick, Diane Kennedy, Fiona Sullivan, Michael Barnacoat, Gaynor Mitchell, Gregory Balcombe, Neil Kennedy, Hamish McDonald, Johannes Mallow, Peter Ryan, Tim Hunter