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The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

by John Bishop

Directed by Anthony Hayes

Season: 1st January - 12th February 1994

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 was produced on Broadway by Bill Wilden. Originally produced by the Circle Repertory Company, New York City in 1987. The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 is performed at the Kent St Theatre with the kind permission of Warner Chappell Plays Pty Ltd.

Tonight, the story starts when a highly successful Broadway production team are brought together at an isolated country mansion - apparently to prepare for a backer's audition for their new musical. However, there is another reason for the gathering... New York's best and brightest are making one last attempt to solve the identity of "The Stage Door Slasher", the murderer responsible for the tragic end of the team's last production! But is the slasher really a German spy or just another sour kraut? While a blizzard rages outside, the composer, lyricist, director and actors prepare for what could be their last performance... if only they could keep track of each other!!!!

Cast: Nicole Barton, Sandra Bass, Warren Blood, Stephen Barker, Adam Walters, Deborah Kaineder, Marc Kay, Avril Peters, Jesse Shore, Marilyn Maxwell