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Broadway Bound

by Neil Simon

Directed by Paul Sommers

Season: 7th October - 18th November 1995

Grandad Ben is a lifelong Socialist, who won't move to Florida despite the urging of daugther Blanche; so what if his wife is already there, it's against his principles! Blanche may live on Park Avenue and wear a mink coat, but it isn't the cold she keeps out, its her father's love. Husband Jack is interested in another woman; it was over a year ago, but does he want the spark re-kindled? Sons Eugene and Stanley want to leave home to embark on their career as a comedy writing team; it all depends on a sketch they must produce for CBS by tomorrow.

And the Wife and Mother? Well Kate is fighting to keep the family together.

Just another episode in the life of the Jerome household in Brighton Beach, New York. It is now 1949 and the stories begun in Brighton Beach Memoirs and Biloxi Blues are continued in Broadway Bound, the third play of Neil Simon's trilogy. Neil Simon again reveals in Broadway Bound the wonderful empathy he has for the ordinary folk of the world.

Cast: Brenda Gottsche, Dave Kirkham, John Galagher, James Lugton, Olivia Northcott, Dan Casey