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Something to Hide

by Leslie Sands

Directed by Joyce Birch

Season: 13th April - 1st June 1996

As Karen Holt rounds the bend into the driveway of her country retreat, little does she suspect that her surprise arrival will land her in a world of murder and blackmail as frightening as anything she publishes.

But who has she murdered? Why is husband and writer Howard so insistent on a cover-up? Who is the blackmailer? What have they seen?

As the layers of deceit are peeled away by the seemingly guileless Inspector Davies we are lead through a maze of dead ends and red herrings. The plot will test the mettle of every amateur detective - only the best will guess the ending of this play which combines elements of both murder mystery and thriller.

Cast: Michael Paxton, Amanda Marsden, Sandra Bass, John Czerniecki, Peter Dye, Faith Jessel, Ros Bilbe