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Daisy Pulls It Off

by Denise Deegan

Directed by Mark Langham

Season: 19th October - 16th November 2013
Preview night 18th October
Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm

The performance runs for 2hrs 15mins, with an interval.

"Good luck, Daisy, old thing, play up and play the game!"

thoroughly enjoyed the production - Miss Hazey Eyed

filled with wonderment and good old-fashioned cheer - Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

good natured, light entertainment - David Kary, Sydney Arts Guide

one of the best productions I've seen this year - Lisa Thatcher

Dear Daisy Meredith. Forced to endure middle class servitude from the wrong side of the tracks, she positively leaps, salmon-like, at the chance of attending Grangewood School for Young Ladies. Naturally, she has to overcome beastly snobs who don't want her type at their school, foul, beastly plots to besmirch her name and get her expelled, skullduggery (of a beastly nature), and even the shame of having to learn hockey from a beastly book!

But, in this affectionate, non-beastly look at innocent school days long gone, I have a sneaking suspicion that Daisy, Trixie and all their plucky chums might just save the day, save the school and find enough time for a wizard midnight feast or two! Oh, do say you'll join us? It promises to be ripping fun!

On Saturday 26th October 2013 the Genesian Theatre will donate 50% of all Box Office takings to the Australian Red Cross. We encourage you to come along to help us support this worthwhile cause.

DirectorMark Langham
Assistant DirectorMark Banks
Set DesignOwen Gimblett
Costume DesignSusan Carveth
Lighting DesignMehran Mortezaei
Mark Banks
Sound DesignMark Langham
Mehran Mortezaei

Stage Manager/Head JanitorAmy Roberts
Assistant JanitorsSophia Harrison
Daniel Hitchings
Lighting and Sound OperatorMacushla McGown

Daisy MeredithAnna Hitchings
MotherJane Thorpe
Monica SmitherDiana Kalfas
Clare BeaumontAnita Donovan
Sybil BurlingtonBianca Bradey
Alice FitzpatrickLaura Genders
Trixie MartinAmylea Griffin
Miss GibsonKerry Day
Miss GranvilleJane Thorpe
Belinda MathiesonAnna Greig
MademoiselleJane Thorpe
Winnie IrvingSophia Harrison
Dora JohnstonAmy Roberts
Mr ScoblowskiDaniel Hitchings
Mr ThompsonJane Thorpe

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