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by Jane Austen

Adapted by Pamela Whalan

Directed by Barry Nielsen

Season: 8th July - 19th August 2017
Preview night 7th July
Friday and Saturday nights at 7.30pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm

Jane Austen's Emma is a play about the stirrings of new love, and how sometimes by trying to manipulate Cupid's arrow, we can completely miss the mark!

We meet Emma, an accomplished and wealthy young woman, where after a successful attempt to bring two people together (Mr Weston & her Governess Miss Taylor), she believes herself a natural matchmaker. Emma's lesson to learn is that unlike playing with her dolls as a child, the people of Highbury are flesh and blood, and messing with their love lives can cause some real consequences!

Emma's latest project is Miss Harriet Smith, a young woman of unknown parentage, who Emma takes under her wing, and coaches her to be amongst high society. Leading her affections away from an unworthy mate in Emma's eyes, and directing her towards a new suitor leads to unrequited love, broken hearts, and general confusion. And ultimately leads Emma to explore the contents of her own heart.

A heart-warming comedy but a love story at heart.

DirectorBarry Nielsen
Assistant DirectorTrudy Ritchie
Set DesignOwen Gimblett
Costume DesignPeter Henson
Lighting DesignTimothy M Carter
Sound DesignMichael Schell

Stage ManagerDiane Henderson
Theo Papas
Lighting & Sound OperationLeilani Loau
Ian Whalan

Mr KnightleyNathan Bennett
Mr WoodhouseTimothy Bennett
Mrs WestonRowena McNicol
Mr WestonDavid Stewart-Hunter
EmmaEmma Wright
HarrietKathryn Hutchins
Miss BatesTurea Blyth
Mr EltonDimitri Armatas
JaneCharlotte Robertson
Frank ChurchillJoshua Adams
Mrs EltonGrace Swadling

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