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Persuasion poster


by Jane Austen

Adapted by Tim Luscombe

Directed by Trudy Ritchie

Season: 29th June - 17th August 2019
Preview night 28th June
Friday and Saturday nights at 7.30pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm

Persuasion is a story of a love diverted. Anne Elliott and Frederick Wentworth fall deeply in love, and yet their happiness is thwarted when Anne is persuaded by another to decline his offer of marriage. An entire war and 8 years of time separate them, when once again they are reintroduced...

This GTC production of Jane Austen's Persuasion (adapted by Tim Luscombe), will be a traditional text transported to an ethereal set that allows the story to move through different locations and time.


(Note all actors will need a competent English accent):

Anne Elliott Anne is a resilient, mature, capable, and intelligent young woman. She has suffered heart-break and grown from the experience. She has a strong sense of self and is not afraid to voice her opinions without being forceful, yet within the company of her family she often is forced to placate them in order to keep the peace. She has only ever loved one man (Frederick) whom she was persuaded to break off her engagement by Lady Russell due to his lack of wealth. Her life moved on, but her heart never did. This is a large leading role as Anne is in almost every scene. (20's-30's).

Elizabeth Elliott Anne's older sister and also unmarried. She is a female version of her father, values appearance above all, and only interested in what people can give her, and who can improve her social standing (mid 20's-30's).

Louisa Musgrove Sister to Charles, Louisa becomes infatuated with Frederick upon his arrival to town and imagines she is on her way to securing a proposal. Youthful and vibrant and doesn't hold back in displaying her enthusiasm towards the opposite sex (early 20's).

Mary Musgrove Anne's youngest sister, who married Charles after Anne refused him. She is well meaning but perhaps grew up in Anne's shadow and seems to have developed an inferiority complex when it comes to her sister. She has also developed hypochondria which may be her way to seek attention and sympathy (mid 20's-30's).

Lady Russell Neighbour to Anne's family, Lady Russell and Anne's mother were extremely good friends. After Anne's mother passed away, Anne and Lady Russell became close. Wealthy, poised, and refined. Lady Russell is an intelligent and capable woman, who despite her misjudgement in persuading Anne to refuse Frederick, has Anne and her family's best interest at heart. Widower.

Mrs Croft Frederick's sister, Mrs Croft became wealthy upon marrying Admiral Croft. A pleasant and respectful woman, who resides in Anne's family home after her father is forced to rent it and relocate to Bath (30'-late 40's).

Mrs Clay Mrs Clay befriends Elizabeth in order to become a regular fixture around Sir Walter after his wife passes away, in the hopes of gaining his affection and hand in marriage. Her plans become thwarted by the arrival of Mr Elliot who tries his best to expose her intentions. Widower (30's).

Mrs Harville Kind-hearted, humble and hardworking, having been a nurse during the war, and now a mother to 3 children. Her husband served in the Navy with Frederick (30's).

Mrs Smith Mrs Smith, now a widower, went to school with Anne. She is poor and suffers from an illness, yet Anne goes against her father's wishes and maintains her friendship. This is a small role yet important to the story as she reveals Mr Elliott's true nature. (20's-30's).

Frederick Wentworth Frederick is an honourable, trustworthy and somewhat reserved man. He fell in love with Anne before the war and was broken hearted when she refused him for reasons unknown. During the war he accumulated a significant amount of wealth in the Navy that led him to return to Somerset-shire to a significantly enhanced standing. Upon his reunion with Anne he is convinced he is indifferent to her and convinces her of the same. He soon realises his love for her was never lost. (late 20's-30's).

Sir Walter Elliot Values wealth, beauty, and social standing above all else, which has led to his indulgent lifestyle and consequent debt. His every gesture, expression and movement exude his high opinion of himself. His vanity blinds him from the true nature of people around him. (50's-early 60's).

Charles Musgrove Trustworthy, with an easy-going nature, and a good sense of humour, particularly when it comes to his wife Mary and her hypochondria (late 20's-30's).

Mr (William) Elliot He is charming, charismatic, and completely untrustworthy. Anne's cousin and heir to her father's estate. Widower with a murky past yet to be uncovered (20's-30's).

Admiral Croft A wealthy naval officer, warm hearted and friendly. Married to Frederick's sister (late 40's - early 60's).

Mr Harville Served with Frederick & Mr Benwick in the war, and not as fortunate as Frederick due to his ill health and lack of wealth. Yet his hospitality to Anne and Louisa after his accident demonstrates he is a man of character and he is a trusted friend.

Mr Benwick Served with Frederick & Mr Harville in the war and heartbroken over his fiancée's untimely death (Frances was Mr Harville's sister). Bonds with Anne over their mutual love of poetry and literature (20's-30's).


Please book an appointment for an audition at The Genesian Theatre by emailing persuasion@genesiantheatre.com.au attaching your CV + headshot or photo, noting which role you are interested in, and your availability on audition dates.

Auditions will be held at the Theatre, 420 Kent Street Sydney on Saturday 30 March 10am-5:00pm, Sunday 31 March 10am-2:30pm and Wednesday 3 April 6pm-9pm.

Call backs will be held at the Theatre on Saturday 6 April from 10am.

Upon booking an audition time you will be sent a copy of the audition piece (from the script) for a particular role. It is strongly encouraged that you familiarise yourself with the character and the story.

Please note this is an unpaid production.