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The Genesian Theatre is proud to present our 65th Season in 2009-2010.

It's very exciting for me to present to you our 65th subscription season of laughter, tears and joy and I promise you are in for a memorable ride.

We kick off the year with Shakespeare's classic tale of Hamlet, the doomed Prince of Denmark, who, surrounded by ghosts, madness, and disloyal friends and family manages to descend to the very depths of human emotion.

For a wonderful change of pace, consider Coward's delightful comedy of an elegant weekend in the country. Who has the most glamorous partner? Who can one-up the other? Who will be left standing? With elegant costumes and Coward's witty dialogue, Hayfever is sure to please.

In Intent to Murder a famous writer of mystery novels is discovered doing away with her no-good husband. Now she has a new nemesis. Can she be rid of him and steal the heart of the man she desires? Two more people also stand in her way. Will she stop at nothing? We know you love our murder mysteries.

The work of Garcia Lorca features next in an all-new translation of The House Of Bernarda Alba. During a hot Spanish summer, five lonely sisters suffer under their domineering mother. They long to escape but lack the means and the courage. One is engaged but is it just for her money? What do the other sisters want from this man? Can the mother discover their secrets?

More comedy! It's a World Premiere! Melvyn Morrow, the co-author of Shout and Dusty offers a fun vaudeville show about the characters of Dickens. In Dickens Down Under his much-loved creations are brought to life in the surrounds of a dusty Australian country hall in 1880. Your hosts are none other than Dickens' sons. Well, they did visit Down Under but what's a bit of artistic license?

Oscar Wilde didn't write many plays but some of his stories have been adapted to the stage. In Lord Arthur Savile's Crime a palmist's prediction sets off a chain of hilarious events as our rather dim hero tries to make the prediction come true. Where would our very 'Earnest' Lord Arthur be without his faithful butler?

Our final play is the poignant, anti-war Journey's End. Born of the horrors of WWI it looks at the different ways a group of officers in a bunker cope with the day-to-day difficulties of the frontline. Hero worship, desperation, bravery and cowardice are vividly portrayed.

Come on, hop on board and let's have 65 more!

Barry Nielsen
Director of the Genesian Theatre

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