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An Ideal Husband

by Oscar Wilde

Directed by Paula Bate

At Sydney's Genesian Theatre Company, on Saturday 3rd November 2001, at 8.00pm, the brilliant wit and elegant style of Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband will come to life at Sydney's Unique Little Theatre. Set in the world of Victorian narrow-mindedness and complacency, An Ideal Husband, under the expert guidance of Paula Bate, combines the drama of social intrigue with witty high comedy. Once again Wilde brings together, one of his favourite themes, that of idealism verses public corruption. Robert Chiltern is a young successful politician, an incorruptible icon, who has acquired wealths position and power through a social impropriety. We all know about "Insider Trading" in the 20th Century; the amassing of huge personal fortunes, and the social acceptance and adulation that goes with it.

When Chiltern is faced with exposure he justifies his position "What this century worships is wealth ... I have fought the century with its own weapons and won" Lord Caversham's final words to him are chilling, "I congratulate you Chiltern. If the country does not go to the dogs or the Radicals we shall have you as Prime Minister, some day." Those of you who frequent The Genesian Theatre or who may be visiting for the first time will be treated once again to the wonderful acting talent of our company, and along with the splendid costumes and set, you are assured of a superb night of theatre.

An Ideal Husband has its preview Friday Nov 2nd at 8.00pm, and opens Saturday, 3rd Nov at 8.00pm. It runs until Sat 15th Dec 2001 at the Genesian Theatre, 420 Kent Street, Sydney. Bookings through MCA ticketing 9873 3575. Ends For media information and interview contact: Meg Mooney (02) 93375960

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