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The Genesian Theatre is proud to present our 68th Season in 2012-2013.

As always, it is a thrill to introduce the new season of the Genesian Theatre to you and to let you know you can enjoy the plays in air-conditioned comfort.

We start off in 1930's Britain and peer into the private lives of the royal family in Crown Matrimonial. The abdication drama is portrayed at the personal level of that family's crisis.

Going further back in time leads us to Charles Dickens' immortal classic, Great Expectations. The twists and turns of Pip's eventful life and the fate of his great expectations will be an exciting discovery for those unfamiliar with the story and a great rediscovery for others.

It's great to be able to feature David Williamson again; this time we see his Money and Friends. Peter desperately needs money and with a group of wealthy friends to call on that shouldn't be a problem, should it? Wait and see.

She's back! Book now! Yes, it's Agatha Christie's famous, Witness for the Prosecution. Leonard Vole is in all sorts of trouble and things just got worse when his wife, and only alibi, decides to testify for the other side.

We go way back to the mediaeval era with Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw. We all know something of this story and we will get a glimpse into her personal feelings and motivations and the machinations of those around her. Was she an innocent victim or did she create the circumstances of her own demise?

Charley's aunt holds the key to everyone's happiness but where is she? Oh well, never mind, why not just invent another aunt? In Charley's Aunt the fun never stops and two aunts should be better than one but not at the same time! Soon Charley and his friend, Jack, start to lose control of the situation.

So I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip this season. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Make up a party, have a drink at the bar and stay cool at Sydney's unique little theatre.

Barry Nielsen (Theatre Director)

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