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Table Manners

by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by George Torbay

Season: 2nd December 1995 - 27th January 1996

Isn't it great to laugh at a family who make yours look quite sane!

And isn't your sister-in-law / brother-in-law / even the dreaded mother-in-law, a treasure compared to Reg, Ruth, Annie or their mother?

Or are they? Are you just a tad like Sarah; never let it be said aloud, but doesn't Norman remind you just a little of your brother-in-law?

Table Manners, the "dining room" staging of Alan Ayckbourn's trilogy, The Norman Conquests, will have you thanking your lucky stars your family aren't that bad - or have you laughing hysterically at how well Ayckbourn has managed to capture the idiosyncrasies of your relations.

With his well known flair for holding a mirror to modern manners, Alan Ayckbourn allows us to laugh both at and with his characters, they are so like the people we know.

Cast: Gregory Balcombe, Jan Johnson, Olivia Northcott, James Lugton, Cathy Martin, Scott Parker