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Lipstick Dreams

by Helen O'Connor & Simon Hopkinson

Directed by Del Dines

Season: 15th June - 3rd August 1996

Breaking out of the mould is never easy! Overcoming a personal lack of expectations is not as hard as overcoming the lack of expectations others have for you.

This is the situation faced by four women in rural Australia who challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort zones and enter the Talent Quest at their local Chinese restaurant.

How they fulfil their goals and transform themselves into the all girl singing group "Lipstick Dreams" is a witty and poignant journey, punctuated by the fabulous music of the 60s.

Lipstick Dreams described by The London Times as "Fresh, vigorous and funny" is proudly presented by the Genesian Theatre Company.

Cast: Susan Carveth, Leonie Heddes, Leanne Mangan, Joanne Wilton, John O'Brien-Hall