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Two Weeks With the Queen

by Morris Gleitzman

Adapted by Mary Morris

Directed by Loretta Tolnai

Season: 11 January to 22 February 2003

Colin Mudford, a 12 year old boy, is sent off to England to stay with relatives after his brother is diagnosed with leukemia. A plucky bloke, Colin plans to use the visit as an opportunity to track down the Queen's best cancer doctor to save his brother's life. In his search to find a doctor, Colin meets a gentle Welshman, Ted, who is visiting his AIDS stricken lover in hospital. The two become great mates. Thus begins Colin's unexpected adventure in which he becomes a most unassuming hero, of sorts.

Colin Mudford - Bernie Buikstra
Luke - Matthew McWilliams
Mum - Karen O'Brien-Hall
Dad - Tony Guiffre
Nurse - Elizabeth O'Conner (Sunday Matinee)
Nurse - Emily Hoare
Auntie Iris - Shane Bates
Uncle Bob - Keith McIlroy
Alistair - Trent Gardiner
Flight Att /Dr Graham - Emily Twemlow
Griff - Robert Dennys
Ted - Anthony Burns

Production Team
Director - Loretta Tolnai
Associate Director - Joyce Birch
Stage Manager - John O'Brien Hall
Asst Stage Mgr - Emily Hoare
Bio Box - Robyn Williams & Lloyd Williams
Set and Lighting design - Clare Singline
Costume design - Jane Kempler
Sound design - John O'Brien Hall
Property manager - Cast and crew
Program design - Cathy Frank
Musical score - Henri Gomez
Photography - Kit Messham Muir

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